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Static dry glazing

The one-of-a-kind bonding technology permits the smooth production of large-format window elements.


STV®: simply practical

GEALAN-STV® is the ground-breaking system for dry bonding panes and sash upstands. Compared with the conventional wet bonding method, it delivers decisive benefits without compromising on ease of fabrication. STV® is a system that really works.


The principle of static dry glazing

The STV® static dry glazing technology developed by GEALAN involves bonding the glass and sash profile using an adhesive tape designed specifically for building windows while still being able to pack the glass as usual. Bonding the pane with the sash profile transfers the stiffness of the glass pane to the sash and makes the entire system more intrinsically stable. This means that standard elements can be produced entirely without any steel. Alternatively, more stable elements can be fabricated in combination with steel and GEALAN STV®. In addition, it is possible to greatly improve the stiffness of arched and slanted windows for custom designs.

STV® from GEALAN offers window manufacturers the first ever system for the efficient and economic production of windows with bonded panes.


Window production with STV®

Significant investment in new machines is necessary when bonding panes with liquid adhesives. This is not the case with STV® static dry glazing, because the profiles are supplied with the adhesive strip already integrated. Watch our film about window production with STV®.