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Soundproof glazing

for more living comfort and less noise 

Soundproof windows stop the noise at the front door

Windows are the parts of a building most susceptible to external noise pollution. Soundproof windows are therefore particularly important in inner-city locations or near airports, railway lines or major roads. They let you enjoy an urban living space and favorable transport connections with a pleasant noise level in the apartment or house, even in these kinds of locations.


GEALAN ventilation systems achieve optimal sound insulation values. Regardless of which system you choose, the soundproofing effect of your external walls and windows stays at a consistently high level. Ventilation without allowing street and traffic noise to penetrate inside – a great advantage over opening windows. The active GEALAN ventilation systems have powerful but quiet fans and sound-absorbing casings. This keeps noise outside and fresh air comes in as quietly as possible. You can enjoy the peace and quiet and sleep soundly and restfully.

GEALAN Hafen-City-Fenster®

The sound insulation window is presented on video.