S 8000 IQ profile system

For a perfect living environment

The S 8000 IQ profile system demonstrates GEALAN's consistent focus on the needs of the market.


The development objective for this system with rebate gaskets and an installation depth of 74 mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for easier and more efficient fabrication by window manufacturers.


Particular attention was paid to profile stability when developing the S 8000 IQ system. The main chambers for the steel stiffening element were therefore made corresponding large.

The result is very high flexural rigidity of the standard stiffening elements, which in turn benefits the profile stability. This opens the door for the construction of large elements, and also allows window manufacturers to meet specific demands for large windows.


  • The maximum height of the window elements is determined by the window width and the resulting overall surface area.

  • When windows are large, the window elements are subject to high forces.

  • Stable steel stiffening elements ensure high flexural rigidity and allow the construction of large windows.

  • Made with PVC Gealan S8000 IQ profiles, 6 chambers of insulation;

  • PVC profiles width: 2-3/4" (construction depth);

  • Exterior wall thickness of PVC profiles ≥ 1/8";

  • Classic design (straight);

  • Up to 46 mm glass with STV® for thermal insulation (Ug between 0,5 and 1,1 W/m2K) and increased acoustic insulation;

  • Uasement heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1,1 W/m2K;

  • Window heat transfer coefficient Uw between 0,77 and 1,1 W/m2K (depending on the glazing);

  • U-Factor 0.22

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.24

  • Visible Transmittance 0.48

  • Air Leakage <0.2

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) 30 - 32

  • Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) 26 - 28

  • Maco hardware with micro ventilation and mishandling device, adjustable on 3 directions;

  • Hoppe Secustik handle;

  • Available in multiple acryl color and wooden decoration versions;

  • Galvanized steel reinforcement: 1,5 mm – 2mm;

  • Easy maintenance due to large channel of the frame

  • Two gasket seals, grey for white windows and black for wooden decoration;

  • Good tightness of the window in the wind, rain and dust;

  • Compatible with the automatic ventilation system GECCO (Gealan Clima Control);

  • The most flexible version in terms of the available options

Benefits of S 8000 profiles

InstallatioN DEPTH

The installation depth of

2-3/4" ensures excellent heat and sound insulation

Economical efficiency

Large main chamber for large steel stiffening elements, with only one stiffening steel required for frames, sashes and mullions

Optional passive ventilation

The patented ventilation system GECCO for a controlled exchange between inside and outside air provides improved room climate and greater living comfort.

Efficient use of material

Efficient use of material in the profile geometry saves resources and thus helps the environment

Versatile surfaces

Available in a wide selection of acrylcolor coloRs and (wood grain) decor foils

Types of windows

1-single-f - Copy.jpg


1-single-mv - Copy.jpg
1-single-m - Copy.jpg


1-single-mo - Copy.jpg










Low-E glass

Low-E glass refers to glass with a low-emissivity coating applied on one surface. It is designed to reflect long-wave infrared (heat) back into a building to improve the u-value and energy efficiency of the glazing. Low-E glass is relatively neutral in appearance, so is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Safety glass (laminated/tempered)

It is obtained by joining two or more float glass sheets (clear, reflective or colored) with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) of 0.83 mm thick. If the glass breaks, the pieces remain stuck to the foil, reducing the risk of cutting.

Glass 4 Seasons

Glass 4 Seasons with solar control, retains the low-e glass features, but has a higher degree of protection against sunlight from the outside to the inside. It is the right choice when it comes to removing the greenhouse effect from homes due to the natural energy input from the sun and additionally offers additional noise protection. This can reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer.

Ornamental glass

It is a glass made of clear or colored glass by passing it to the outlet of the furnace between two profiled rollers. By incorporating a wire mesh in this stage, an ornamental reinforced glass is obtained . To enhance aesthetic effects, ornamental glazing can be sandblast.

Reflective glass

The main feature of the reflective glass is its ability to reflect a large part of solar energy, thus preventing its excessive penetration into buildings. This feature has the consequence of improving the thermal comfort during the summer and reducing the energy expenditure needed for the air conditioning.

Coloring in the S 8000 system