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Lift and Slide Doors

Modern look with no constraints

Comfort at home made easy

Sliding elements are a classic design feature in modern living, with large expanses of glass conveying a feeling of well-being and elegance. GEALAN's new S 9000 lift-slide door more than fits this bill from a visual and functional point of view.

Large door elements can be moved with ease with our technology. It does not matter whether the door is open or closed. Either way, the room is flooded with light. And the virtually threshold-free floor junction further offsets the separation between the interior and exterior.



Thanks to the best heat insulation values even in the standard versions, superb workmanship and innovative technical solutions.

Top heat insulation values

Even the standard version of the new lift-slide door with standard stiffening elements and no additional measures achieves a very good calculated heat insulation value of Uf 1.3 W/(m²·K).

Triple glazing

Modern triple glazing up to a thickness of 52 mm (STV® 54 mm) can be used with ease in the new system.


Featuring a modern design, narrow sash and innovative glazing profile for more glass in the fixed section.

  • special hardware that guarantees that the door leaves slide in relation to each other or in relation to the fixed part of the structure freely and without any resistance

  • possible use of motor-driven fittings

  • a door handle tension spring

  • different designs with at least several different versions and layouts of door leafs and fixed parts


  • trickle ventilation in the fitting

  • a handle damper

  • the Comfort cover for the threshold eliminates the threshold barrier and thus facilitates moving into and out of the room

  • tandem trolleys for leaves weighing more than 300 kg


  • very good stability of the structure thanks to a 3 mm thick steel reinforcement

  • possibility to make leaves weighing up to 400 kg

  • integrated gasket


  • fittings with improved burglary resistance of RC2 class, conforming to the ENV 1627 standard, are available

  • a handle with a semi-insert

  • a two-side handle with an insert as an option


Types of Lift-slide doors

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Low-E glass

Low-E glass refers to glass with a low-emissivity coating applied on one surface. It is designed to reflect long-wave infrared (heat) back into a building to improve the u-value and energy efficiency of the glazing. Low-E glass is relatively neutral in appearance, so is widely used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Safety glass (laminated/tempered)

It is obtained by joining two or more float glass sheets (clear, reflective or colored) with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) of 0.83 mm thick. If the glass breaks, the pieces remain stuck to the foil, reducing the risk of cutting.

Glass 4 Seasons

Glass 4 Seasons with solar control, retains the low-e glass features, but has a higher degree of protection against sunlight from the outside to the inside. It is the right choice when it comes to removing the greenhouse effect from homes due to the natural energy input from the sun and additionally offers additional noise protection. This can reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer.

Ornamental glass

It is a glass made of clear or colored glass by passing it to the outlet of the furnace between two profiled rollers. By incorporating a wire mesh in this stage, an ornamental reinforced glass is obtained . To enhance aesthetic effects, ornamental glazing can be sandblast.

Reflective glass

The main feature of the reflective glass is its ability to reflect a large part of solar energy, thus preventing its excessive penetration into buildings. This feature has the consequence of improving the thermal comfort during the summer and reducing the energy expenditure needed for the air conditioning.