a-one-of-a-kind surface

The colored acrylic layer is twice as hard as the PVC surface of white windows. It is highly scratch-resistant and is largely resistant to the effects of weather. The semi-matt, smooth and non-porous acrylcolor surface is insensitive to accumulations of dust and dirt. There is no spalling or chipping and no need for laborious repainting. Acrylcolor windows require virtually no maintenance and are extremely easy to care for.

Benefits of acrylcolor


Acrylic is particularly resistant material. Used for decades in the manufacture of cars, after years and years of exposure to atmospheric conditions, paint remains the same. Even frequent replacement of window sash in the same window frame, even after many year's it's almost impossible to tell the difference in color.


Profile windows with acrylic paints don't need much maintenance and when they do, it's very simple. No stripping, grinding and re-applying the paint and therefore none of these costs. Those profiles reject dirt and dust and are cleaned very easily with ordinary cleaning products.


Window that are made out of acrylic paint profile have smooth, silky surface without pores. Connecting PVC and acryl under the influence of height temperatures gives special resistance. They are not only resistant to scratches, but also insensitive to clusters of dirt and dust.


Sunlight is largely reflected by white base layer, located beneath a layer of acrylic paint that leaks infrared rays. In this way heating of the profile is significantly reduced. Temperature differences between very dark and white windows are surprisingly small.

acrylcolor | Unique window surface

Reparable acrylcolor coating