We are a company specialized in high performance tilt and turn windows and doors designed in Western North Carolina and custom-made in Europe.

Our team consists of competent and knowledgeable professionals with more than 10 years of experience.

We are always happy to help you choose solutions that meet the requirements and needs of you and your loved ones.


Windows as part of a façade are an expression of style and quality of life. Their emotionality factor plays an important role. Visual elegance for an appealing living ambiance is as important as cost of fabrication and technical aspects like heat and sound insulation and anti-burglary protection.

Windows and doors made from the latest generation of GEALAN profile systems not only look attractive,

the sophisticated profile geometries have also been perfected right down to the last detail to satisfy all technical requirements.

Experience European style and elegance!

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We design modern profiles to accommodate a wide range of tastes. Our windows and doors deliver outstanding functionality and durability. Incorporated innovative technology makes these profiles energy efficient, secure, sound-proof, and easy to maintain and clean.


Furthermore, we offer a great selection of colors, textures, and materials to make many customization options possible. 

Products that meet the highest expectations!

Great stability improved with STV bonding technology.

Great energy savers thanks to the natural insulating properties of PVC with multi-chamber construction and our innovation IKD.

The exclusive acrylcolor technology and extensive range of decorative foils and aluminum facing sheets.

 The endless optical design possibilities. 

And many more!

Durable Construction

Thermal Insulation



Sound insulation

Versatile Surfaces


What's surprising is the affordability you will receive with our modern windows. However, costs do not only involve initial purchase.

Our windows will help curb those swelling heating and cooling bills.

Constructed with German quality parts and thermal sashing, and French quality glazing, you will receive better insulation and a more comfortable home resulting in lower energy bills.

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